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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need a professional headshot?

A professional headshot is the number one way to convey your brand. Whether you are a company looking to bring a clean, consistent look to your website and marketing strategy or an individual  making a statement of who you are now- a successful professional, a professional headshot is exactly what you need. 


Is there a time limit on the headshot photo session?

We do not use a ridged time structure on my headshot sessions. We collaborate together during the session to ensure you have plenty of images to choose from with various wardrobes and backgrounds as desired. Good expressions take time and I do not want you to feel rushed. 

Can I see the images during my session?

Yes, the images are saved directly to my computer. We periodically view the images throughout the session to ensure we achieve the desired expression and images. 

Can I change my wardrobe during the session?

Yes, you may change your wardrobe as you desire. With no ridged time structure, you have ample time for multiple wardrobe changes.

Can I have multiple backgrounds for my images?

Yes, you may use multiple backgrounds. With no ridged time structure, you have ample time for multiple backgrounds.

How will I receive the edited images following the headshot session?

We will send you a link using a cloud storage or transfer service.

When do I pick out the images for retouching?

At the end of the session, we sit down together and review all the images and you choose only the images that you want retouched.

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