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Bio of Headshot Photographer, Kevin Peragine

Kevin Peragine- Headshot Photographer

Kevin Peragine - Photographer

Corporate Headshot Photographer

You can say that photography is in my DNA. I was taught by my dad who was taught by my grandfather who was a photographer and developer for the Associated Press. I tap into the knowledge they have passed to me in every photograph that I take. 

Photography has always brought me joy - whether doing portraits or corporate photography, landscapes or rescue dogs. I look for what makes them unique and how to pull that out in my photography.

For me its personal - its about the person inside. People are not generally comfortable getting a headshot done, my responsibility is to help you past that and show the world who you are - the best you. It is a responsibility that I hold sacred and I hope you will give me the opportunity to help you.

-- Kevin

Business Headshot Photographer
Professional Headshot Photographer
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