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A Little Grooming Goes a Long Way Toward a Great Headshot

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

So, your HR department has told you that everyone needs to get new a headshot next week. They might as well have said, “flu shots”, right? Well, if it’s inevitable then try embracing it by actually preparing for your time in front of the camera.

  • Cut n Color, but not the day before - Get that haircut (and color) at least a week in advance. Give it a chance to grow in a bit and for the color to relax.

  • The rainbow has a million colors and beige isn’t one of them - Look for some color in your wardrobe – beige and bland colors are blah. Does anyone really want to be BLAH? You have color in your skin, your eyes, your hair and should choose colors that make those attributes jump out of the image.

  • Less is More – Watch the big accessories or heavy makeup, leave the gargantuan necklaces and earrings and 3 inch false eyelashes for the weekend!

  • A Pressing Problem - Make sure your clothes are cleaned and PRESSED – if possible bring them in and put them on right before the session. You want to look freshly pressed and not wrinklesville!

  • It’s NOT an 80s Glamour Shot – While getting professional makeup can be a great thing, lean toward the natural side than the Ru Paul side of your nature. Also, for the ladies and the gentlemen, try the oil absorbing sheets to remove the unwanted oil from your skin. Those sheets go a long way to help your skin look healthier.

  • Hipster not Mountain Man - Men, trim those beards – PROFESSIONALLY! The hipster look is fine but make sure it’s GROOMED. Scraggly hairs and unkempt necks can transform a great, cool headshot into a nightmare.

  • Clean Your Glasses – While your photographer should clean up the glasses in post production, why add a step? It’s better than they concentrate on making your eyes pop, and not on removing the splatters from this morning's coffee.

  • Good Clean Living – For a couple of days, at least. Drink water and reduce salt the days before a shoot and get a decent night’s sleep. It will take years off your headshot.

A little grooming and prep can go a long way toward the best headshot you’ve ever had!


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